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FIFA CEO Gives a press conference following the 66th Fifa Congress

Jul 212017

The Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, elected in February to lead the worldwide judgment body to calmer waters following a series of corruption scandals, has been rid of potential ethics violations.Fifa ethics committee said it had concluded an official investigation into the behavior which focused he'd obtained during the weeks of his presidency and his failure of Infantino."It was discovered that no breach of the Fifa code of ethics were given by Mr Infantino," the ethics committee said in a statement.It said investigations were completed "diligently over a few weeks" and contained "a high number of interviews with witnesses and also Mr Infantino himself".Infantino, in an announcement issued by Fifa, stated that he was "happy" with the results.German press have been reporting which the predecessor of Infantino, whose, was finished flights he'd obtained on private jets under investigation.Fifa has been a year ago, including members on charges.The soccer body has been made to investigate controversies the World Cup finals the decision to give the 2018 championship to Qatar to Russia along with the 2022 finals.The ethics committee said that investigations had focused on the process for positions in the president's office, flights taken by Infantino and his refusal to sign the contract.The conduct of Infantino may have breached articles on code of loyalty conduct, conflicts of interest and offering and accepting gifts, it said.It said the hiring process and the employment contract of Infantino were compliance issues instead of matters that were ethical.Fifa's statement said Infantino and his administration would "continue to concentrate on developing football in addition to their efforts to enhance the organisation". It said: "This crucial work will continue.Infantino, elected three months ago to haul Fifa out of the worst graft scandal in its history, said his "enemies" wanted to make him look greedy after a newspaper leak said he was angered by a suggested financial package.After several dozen football officials were indicted in america last year while its ethics committee has banned several figures, including the president, Sepp 37, Fifa has been embroiled in crisis.


Infantino promised a fresh start but ran into problems of his own when the Congress of last month gave the Fifa Council power to appoint or dismiss members of bodies like the audit and compliance committee and the ethics committee.The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said that details of Fifa Council meetings showed that Infantino was angered when offered a salary of $ 2m francs annually to him."My contract is being negotiated and this isn't the place to unveil the outlines," Infantino said in the interview, published in French-speaking Le Matin and German-speaking Sonntagszeitung. "However, once signed, I'll reveal to you with pleasure every detail and you'll observe it'll be less than the 2 million that the media has mentioned. I haven't stolen anything. And everything I have earned in my life has been thanks to work. I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth."Infantino said he had learned of the resignation of Scala even though the two were on the flight. I don't wish to pay more attention to it."He rejected the suggestion that committee investigations could be now influenced by the Fifa Council. "The facts prove it and will do so later on," he explained. He thinks that football can be managed as a company or pesticides 'manufacturer with the very same principles. This a significant error of assessment, since it underestimates the passion of football in addition to its geopolitical dimension. judi bola


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