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Summary of Popular Event News in the Premier League

Mar 182020


Premier League is a league that already has a place in the hearts of football fans all over the world. How not, various top-tier teams, soccer games that are full of enthusiasm and physical fights between famous players, making it a football game that is very much awaited. Soon the Premier League will finish its season this season. Before that, it is interesting to discuss what happened here during the journey to the end of the season.

A brilliant rescue from a James Milner
James Milner is currently a player from the Liverpool club after he officially ended his contract with the Manchester City club. Liverpool recruited him to the core players with a free transfer status in the transfer season yesterday.

Despite his age at the age of 29 years, but his physical and enthusiasm remain like a young soccer player. This can be seen from the heroic action that saved Liverpool. The ball which was passed on to Ryan Fraser had already passed Adrian by bouncing it at that time. At first glance, certainly, the ball will enter. But Milner chased from behind. As a result, right before entering the goal, Milner made an acrobatic kick to throw the ball off the field.

Because of an uncomfortable action, the young goalkeeper loaned Manchester United in a 6-match suspension
O'Hara was found guilty after his actions in the form of biting the opponent when dealing with Peterborough. O'Hara had dismissed the accusation that was accused of him. This is also supported by the manager where the player firmly rejects the action.

Even so, the FA decided to give penalties to the 23-year-old player in the form of a fine of 2,500 pounds and the suspension did not follow the fight for 6 matches in a row. The sentence was proven to violate the E3 rules set by the FA. Even so, to prove his innocence, the club also plans to appeal to the FA regarding the sentence.

O 'Hara was loaned out by Manchester United to Burton Albion because he had difficulty getting into Manchester United's core squad. As a result, he has also been loaned several times to other clubs who are interested in borrowing it. O'Hara is the original dropout result of a young Manchester United player. He also has done 2 caps international performances with his country, Ireland.

Expresses frustration, Juergen Klopp doing an excessive celebration
Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp was upset by the referee's decision after Liverpool conceded a goal into the net when faced with Bournemouth. At that time, he admitted that the player Bournemouth made a foul on one of his foster children. However, it was refuted by the referee and considered it was not an offense. Finally, the goal that was created at that time was passed, making Liverpool 1 point behind in the 9th minute.

However, in the end, Liverpool narrowly won by a score of 2-1. Two goals were created by Mohamed Salah in the 25th minute and also Sadio Mane in the 33rd minute. It was during this Mane Gol that Klopp held a controversial celebration by clenching his hands in front of the line referee, Stuart Burt, who was close to him.


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